Using Your Own Fabric FAQ

Can I supply my own fabric when ordering from Dowel Furniture?

Yes, you most definitely can!  

What wood finish options do you offer?

We currently offer 5 wood finish options: Honey, Espresso, White, Cream, Black, and Gray.  We will be adding more through out the year.  Please sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our new finishes.

We also highly recommend for you to get finish swatches from us before making a final decision on a finish for your chair.

Could you provide a sample timeline for a custom order?

Once we receive your order request and speak with you regarding how much upholstery is necessary and receive the upholstery from you, then it will take 8-10 weeks to create the piece and to arrive at your door!  We will keep you informed throughout the entire process and send you updates as we move along with your order.

How do I find out how much fabric I will need for a chair?

In determining how many yards of fabric you will need to provide us, you can click on "Send Us your Fabric" on the chair that you are interested in and follow the steps to find out how many yards per chair you will need.  If you would like to speak with someone instead, you can start a chat with us or send us an email at

Your fabric requirements are dependent on the width of your fabric and whether or not your fabric has a pattern repeat.

What is the fabric pattern repeat?

The repeat of a fabric or wallpaper refers to the number of inches it takes before the pattern starts all over again.  The distance between the starting point of the pattern point where that pattern starts over again is referred to as “one repeat.”  A large repeat will require more yardage to complete a project, since it will take more fabric waste to match up a large pattern at every seam.  A very small repeat may have little to no effect on the yardage requirements.  Solid and textural fabrics often have no pattern repeat; they can be seamed together with no worry about matching up the pattern at the edges.  Any type of patterned fabric or wallpaper, however, will always have a repeat.  Don’t worry, we can work with you on figuring this out!

How do I get the width of my fabric and fabric pattern repeat?

This is typically listed on the fabric or something you can ask from the store where you purchase the fabric. In some cases, they will not have this information ready for you. If you are unable to get this information, please email us at and we'll gladly help you figure all this out!

Will you return any excess fabric?

Yes, any fabric that we have left over will be included in your chair delivery.

Are you able to add nail head trim to the chairs instead of welting?

Yes, we do for an upcharge of $20 to $50 more per chair depending on the style.  We have not yet built that into our system, however, so if you would like to use nailhead trim on your chair, please email us at to set it up.

Are you able to use 2 or 3 sets of different fabric on one chair? (i.e. 1 color / type for the seat, 1 color / type for the outback)

Yes, we are able to use different fabrics on each chair.  We have not yet built that into our system, however, so if you would like to use different fabrics on each chair, please email us at to set it up.

Do you accept leather?

Yes, we do accept leather.  We have not yet built that into our system, however, and so to find out how much leather is needed for each chair, please email us at