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California's skateboard culture in the 1970s was a part of my youth. My younger brother was a skateboarder and had no fear. Down the hill, near the bottom of Royal Blvd., one of our neighbors had built a halfpipe at the end of their driveway. As we got older my family relocated midway across the country, and thanks to the Desmond family, my brother experienced yet another neighborhood driveway thrill. The only halfpipes I encounter nowadays, are in terrain parks at ski mountains. I can barely maneuver on a snowboard, but my brother continues to attempt McTwists.

Available in Navy and White, Orange and White, Palm Green and White, Grapefruit and White, Chartreuse and White.

Also available custom. If you would like to have it in a specific color, please email us at design@dowelfurniture.co.