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Designer Spotlight:<br>Karin H Edwards Interiors
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Designer Spotlight:
Karin H Edwards Interiors

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Design by: Karin H Edwards Interiors  | @karinhedwards

Headshot Photo: Amy Allen Photography | Product Photos by designer

A little bit about Karin Edwards of Karin H Edwards Interiors

I'm an art historian turned architectural designer and sculptor. My work for private clients shapes serene, artful spaces that blend modern ease with classical principles. Some rooms tip more classic and others more contemporary. That said, my goal is that cool, casual and ultimately authentic feel you see watching a stylish new generation move tomorrow’s heirlooms into timeless architecture. My own home is a heartfelt renovation of a vintage Chicago property featuring inventive solutions for the flexible display of contemporary art. My living space is also my home studio where I designed, cast and carved its unique sweeps, swags and sprays of architectural molding. My clients include passionate collectors and passionate preservationists, as well as anyone looking for guidance in adding more art and ease to their lives.

What is your favorite classic with a twist? Can be anything, interior design related, food, drinks, architecture?

Anything and everything Andrée Putman created for Christofle. I’m a strong believer that the best designs forge something new and unseen from something so “seen” we’ve taken its potential for granted. Ms Putman managed that with her lusciously sculpted, shape-shifting iterations of a simple circle. How many designs for how many centuries come down to a circle? Yet hers rings fresh, iconically hers, and reassuringly eternal. Now that’s hard!

How did you find out about Dowel Furniture?

I believe the trade press around the launch of Josh Greene's collection first brought my eyes to Dowel. I work with a lot of art, and I sculpt myself. So your pedestals naturally caught my attention.

Which pieces did you choose for your projects and why did you choose those pieces for your clients?

Michael Pedestal

This is a vintage Chicago property that I've lightened, brightened and modernized pairing milky, plaster-paneled walls and pale oak finishes with bolder strokes of art. I always place the art in sync with a room's evolution, tweaking every architectural elevation, every lighting scheme and floor plan to underscore its unique impact. And I'm naturally on the hunt for pedestals to draw art off the walls and into the interior of rooms.

Pedestals are my go-to showcase for everything from sculpture, ceramics, and my favorite glass hurricanes to a rotating collection of framed art on easels. And pedestals are very hard to find. I adore how this column is structurally strong - safe for the most precious of pieces- and fully customizable. Its oh-so slender fluting and soft whisper of grain are just delicious and smartly just enough to enhance everything I love without ever detracting from what's on display.