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Duncan Hughes for Dowel: Behind the Scenes
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Duncan Hughes for Dowel: Behind the Scenes

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Award-winning interior designer Duncan Hughes brings a passion for classic furniture details and his broad understanding of form and scale to this new collection for Dowel Furniture. A revival of the subtle femininity of American mid-century furniture thoughtfully filtered through the prism of the warm masculinity that is a criterion of the Art Deco period. Blending pared back historic shapes and lavish modernity, these pieces glow with warm woods, glowing metals and rich, luxurious fabrics to create a contemporary and exceptional vision for today’s interiors. Lean silhouettes, clean lines, and sumptuous style elements that are at once sophisticated and provocative, casual yet graceful- all hallmarks of every piece created for this collection. A small line of carefully designed pieces that promote luxury through simplicity. Creating a new standard for strong, ergonomically correct pieces that are not just beautiful, but highly functional, versatile, and above all, comfortable. A breath of fresh air, these pieces reflect a strong sense of unadorned refinement and master craftsmanship combined with the highest attention to detail. This collection evokes a refined, clean new look that will stand on its own, while also able to blend expertly with the furniture styles of today.

From Duncan: "Named after the American musicians, writers, and celebrities of the early to mid-20th Century – men and women whom I’ve long admired, have been celebrated by the world, and who’s work and contributions have made the world around them a more beautiful and interesting place. I’d like to think that each one of them may have enjoyed this new furniture collection."

All the pieces are available in 6 warm wood stains or a custom stain of your choice.
Read more below for more insight into the inspiration for some of the pieces.

Grant Lounge Chair

A modern interpretation of 1930’s club chairs, a perfect ergonomic blend of masculine proportions and feminine lines. Sleek, handsome, and full of surprises.

Gardner Stools

Lavish and refined, finished in rich wood and flashes of glowing metal. Available in both bar and counter heights.

Hayworth Bench

Reminiscent of the glamour of the Hollywood of a bygone era, simplified for modern living. Tailored and contemporary, and uniquely sized to anchor a seating area, become a focal point in an entry hall, or rest comfortably at the foot of a bed. Can be customized and made to measure.

Vaughn Chair

I was driven to create a dining chair with the comfort of my favorite living room chair, yet ergonomically correct and able to take center stage in any room. The loose seat cushion is both practical and unexpected - keep it the same fabric as the chair, or highlight it by using a contrasting fabric.

Steinbeck Chair

As straightforward as it is graceful, this chair represents the moment that form meets function. Long and lavish gold sabots connect to warm woods and luxurious fabric.