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Josh Greene for Dowel:<br>Behind the Scenes
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Josh Greene for Dowel:
Behind the Scenes

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Designed by New York-based interior designer Josh Greene, the collection features an array of product types, all with simple forms and strong geometry meant to fuse seamlessly in any project style. Proportions that Josh continually found himself drawing in furniture plans served as the point of departure for design. Once a framework of key pieces with the right proportions was established, he looked to namely three 20th century design heroes in terms of style precedent: Charlotte Perriand and her functional simplicity, the sensual and bold lines of Karl Springer’s 1970s furniture and Michael Taylor’s 1980s California interiors as a benchmark for where these pieces might live. Further, because he often turned up short when hunting for pedestals, six unique creations were added to the assortment.

All the pieces are available in 6 oak finishes or a custom paint color of your choice.
Read more below for more insight into the inspiration for some of the pieces.

Michael, Karl, Frank, and Charlotte Pedestals

I use pedestals a lot in my work and it’s quite hard to find them except in vintage and a lot of times they’re usually beat up or just not the right size so I decided to create my own!

Available in Custom Heights

Pedestals not Shown

Yosemite Table

At 60 x 60, It’s the table you can put in a big seating area where you have a large sectional or these two big sofas facing each other and four chairs surrounding. This table size has just been extremely hard to find.

Available in Custom Sizes

Looking for a lighter piece - See the
Loma Coffee Tables

Noyac Side Table

It’s that perfect side table at 24” high and sized at 32” x 32” - you can fit a lamp, some coasters, books, etc. It’s great in that situation where you have two sofas in an L configuration and you need that big chunky lamp, some books, a coaster, this is the perfect table for that.

Available in Custom Sizes

Lombardy Nightstand

I made these nightstands at 28” height as 24” standard nightstand heights just always feels too low. I also made a variation of the Lombardy that’s a bit smaller, perfect for smaller apartments.