About Us

What We Do

We make high quality, sturdy and comfortable chairs to last you a lifetime at prices within reach. We've partnered directly with our family's factory in the Philippines so that each chair comes straight from our factory into your home, cutting out all the middlemen, to get pieces to you at prices that you can afford. With multiple fabric and finish options available, we want to make chairs for you that express your style and make you feel happy when you see it in your home

Who We Are

We, Joanne and Ray, are siblings that grew up around the tradition of fine furniture craftsmanship in the Philippines through the family business. Our family has been manufacturing high quality furniture for the past 25 years and are proud of each piece that leaves our factory. We both took very different paths to get back to furniture but are excited to share our furniture with everyone.

We came up with the name Dowel Furniture because it is actually the first piece of furniture construction that Ray learned about at the factory. He learned about it’s importance in keeping furniture joints together and that really resonated with our goal. Here at Dowel, we want to connect you not only to great high quality furniture but also to knowledge and understanding of how high quality furniture is created.

And Why We Do It

A lot of people have asked us why we are doing this and honestly, we realized there was a divide in the market between high quality furniture and affordable prices. Growing up, we were lucky enough to have access to beautiful and well built furniture because our family was in the furniture manufacturing business in the Philippines. Once we had to buy our own furniture, we realized that finding similar quality was not so easy nor cheap to come by. There is an overwhelming amount of furniture options but a lack of education on what makes high quality furniture and what goes into the prices of new furniture.

At Dowel, we want to give you, our customers, affordable furniture that comes with the peace of mind brought about by solid construction and high-quality raw materials put together by craftsmen that have been making furniture for over twenty years. We will only sell you furniture that can be passed down to future generations at prices within reach. Everyone should easily have access to beautiful durable furniture, in a fabric or finish that speaks to them and matches their style.