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Dropping by The Sunny Spot Deux

Dropping by The Sunny Spot Deux


We recently dropped by Mally's new studio in Palm Beach to say hello and came away blown away! The space was truly Mally's energy and personality come to life. We loved it so much we wanted to write something up about it. Read on below for a quick Q+A with Mally about her new studio and visit her at:

The Sunny Spot Deux
313 1/2 Worth Avenue
Unit 1E
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Hours of Operation: 12 to 5, Monday to Saturday
Contact Phone Number: 781 259 4090

What inspired you to open your Palm Beach Design Studio?

My husband and I moved to Palm Beach during covid, it was just meant to be a couple of months, but we loved it so much that we sold our big family house in Boston and decided to make this our home base. I was lucky enough to get a small room at the Kips Bay Show House last year, and I so enjoyed meeting all the people that came through, I decided to make it permanent with the Sunny Spot Deux!

How did you decide to furnish & organize the space?

I knew that I wanted the space to reflect my love of colour and pattern. I also wanted to illustrate that you can just about mix any of my patterns together because they all come out of my brain. Hence the crazy combo of wallpaper and tripped window treatments.The addition of vintage pieces was a must, I am all about objects that have soul and a past life. I knew I needed one big wall for hanging of all my fabrics. I chose art for the walls from artists I admire, the bird prints I have are a collaboration with Sally Murphy the young woman that helped me with the illustrations in my book. Also, I wanted to have a place to display the furniture I designed for Dowel Furniture, so I had some custom made pieces for the studio.

Lots Road Ottoman - Custom Size

Scallop Side Table

Murdock Table - Custom Size

Milkmaid Stool

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Palm Beach community?

I love the friendliness of the community. I love the interesting mixture of people that pass by, young or old, eccentric or sporty. Everyone seems to be living their best life! I love that everyone that comes in is so chatty and interested in what I’m doing. I really don’t care if they dont buy anything, it’s just so good to chat. Being next to Bice is such a win. They are so kind to me, bringing me a much needed pick me up cappuccino in the afternoon and helping me with some of my little events.

What does a typical day at your shop look like – do you get a lot of spontaneous foot traffic or is your shop more of a destination for design enthusiasts ‘in the know’?

Lots of people come in and say that they are already friends with me on Instagram. It’s very flattering, I love meeting my audience in person! My kids say that my life is an open instagram ! These people know me already from social media, so they usually know all my news already. I think I am a specific destination for the design community, especially now that Kips Bay Show House is in session, but I love the chat to the people that stumble in on the off chance too!

We don’t open early as most of our customers are walking or at yoga in the mornings. I get a nice crowd coming in after lunch. Later in the afternoon there is usually a second wave of people shopping around the via’s.

What can customers expect when they come into your shop?

They can expect to pick up a sample of my fabric or wallpaper if they are working on a project. They can browse through our vintage bits and pieces, pick up some lovely homegoods that I import from a mill close to my house in South Africa. They can get some fun art off the wall to pick up and go. They can just come in and absorb my view of the world in the Sunny Spot Deux!

Tall Boy Cabinet